Experience the Luxury of Tranquility
Discover serenity in the Costa Rican jungle, just steps (450m) from the pristine beach. A secluded gem nestled in one of the world's five Blue Zones, offering intimate accommodations, a lush tropical garden, and a tranquil oasis with a stunning pool.
Calm down and have a delightful stay in our Oasis
Our guests have acces to an inviting communal kitchenin the garden to prepare their own meals. The lounge area provide's a cozy atmosphere for mingling and sharing experiences. A refrigerator and window mosquito nets in the room ensure's uninterrupted nights in nature's tranquility.
Casa de Arbol
...offers privacy and a magnificent panoramic view of the lush jungle. Embrace the enchanting atmosphere while enjoying the tranquility in this spacious loft-style retreat with a relaxing terrace. Unwind and immerse yourself in natural splendor.
Jungle Suite
Enjoy a terrace offering views of the lush surroundings. Embrace the enchanting atmosphere while enjoying the convenience of a kitchenette and a cozy seating area adorned with a hammock for moments of pure relaxation amidst the natural beauty.
El Nido
... our brand-new, modern room, designed to captivate with its abundant natural light, private balcony, and captivating jungle views. Embrace the allure of this beautifully bright and modern retreat, offering a serene and stylish setting for your stay.
Unwind in our bright and spacious ground floor room, thoughtfully designed boasts a private bathroom with a stone shower, ensuring ample comfort. This room offers a refreshing and airy retreat for your jungle getaway.
Pura Vida
... our cheerful ground floor room boasts vibrant colours and a warm atmosphere. The spacious layout and bathroom with a huge stone shower promise moments of relaxation during your stay.
... our spacious ground floor room, offering both comfort and versatility. The generous, well-appointed space includes a sizable bathroom with a stone shower and guaranteed relaxation at every turn.
... our spacious room for five is ideal for families or groups. This generously-sized accommodation boasts a very large bathroom. Embrace comfort and convenience in this inviting space designed to ensuring a restful and memorable stay for all guests.
Embrace the allure of this intimate retreat, designed to offer a blend of comfort and tranquility. Perfect for budget-conscious travellers seeking an affordable yet cozy escape admidst the serene calm of our jungle setting.
Embrace the allure of this intimate retreat, designed to offer a blend of comfort and tranquillity. Perfect for budget-conscious travellers seeking an affordable yet cozy escape admidst the serene calm of our jungle setting.
Jungle Tranquility, Beach Harmony: Your Costa Rican Escape
Calm down and have a delightful stay in our Oasis, nestled along the stunning shores of the Costarican Pacific -Coastline.
Why Your Exotic Getaway Is Still Uncertain?
Let us make your dream vacation a reality. From airport transfers to organizing unforgettable excursions - we take care of everything, allowing you to effortlessly embrace the diversity of this beautiful paradise.
Tropical Oasis Retreat
Dive into tranquility and relaxation at our stunning oasis. Immerse yoursef in the refreshing waters and lush surroundings for the ultimate escape.
Wildlife Encounters
Experience the magic of nature as it comes to life right in our garden. Discover the beauty of our surroundings and embrace the wonders of the jungle.
Sandy Paradise Awaits
Unwind at the pristine beach just a short stroll from our hotel. Bask in the sun, listen to the gentle lapping of the waves, and let your worries fade away in this coastal haven.
Frequently asked questions
To ensure you have a wonderful time with us.
Do you require my credit card details to make a reservation?
Yes, we need your credit card to process your booking. We will send you a Authorization - Form which meets all necessary security standards. If you dont like this idea, you could do a transfer to our wise-transfer account. All bookings must be guaranteed prior the due date. Reservation with no guarantees may be cancelled.
After I make my reservation, how long does it take to get Hotel’s confirmation?
If you reserve the room Online directly at our website, then you will get an inmediately confirmation letter by E-mail. Inquiries sent through our website, can take between 24 – 48 hours. If you do not receive any response from us within two days, please contact us immediately at info@hoteldosaguas.com
Does the price include any meals?
While we do not provide meals, we have an outdoor kitchen for guests to prepair their own food. Each room is equipped with a refrigerator for storing food or beverages.
How do I get from the airport to the hotel?
There are a few options for the transport from Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) to here, and you can get here by ground or air. If you have the time, I recommend seeing some of the country by going to ground. Air is a bit faster though, getting to Nosara in 45 minutes and from there with a Taxi another 45 - 60 minutes. For the ground transport, you can either rent a car, or we can hire a minibus to take bring you here. On the minibus, there are no weight limits on luggage and we can get a private SUV with a private driver to bring up to 4 people from the airport to the hotel directly for U$275 (from Liberia U$ 135) each way. For the air transport, it is around U$135 per person each way and there is a weight limit per person. For information on domestic flights, please check schedules and fares on the following link: https://flysansa.com/ . They do fill up so book as far in advance as you can. Let us know what you think works the best, and we’ll send you more info. Of course there are also public buses from San Jose and Liberia. The company alfaro is doing the transport. The companys https://tropicaltourshuttles.com/ and https://www.interbusonline.com/ are offering a shared shuttle from the airports, you will pay per person, tickets online available.
Do you accept pets?
The dog of my daughter is sometimes around. But our Hotel do not accept to bring pets. Beach dogs are cute, but if you bring them to the hotel, your reservation will be cancelled without refund! If you want to help homeless dogs there is a organization called Patasamara which is always happy for a donation or Volunteers.
Does the Hotel have a Concierge?
Our concierge service is available from 7am to 4pm from Mondfay to Sarturday. As a small hotel with only 9 rooms, we do not have a constantly manned reception, but someone is always present during these hours. We are more than happy to assist with booking various tours, including dolphin tours, turtle watching during nesting or hatchingnd, riding into the jungle other activities.
What is your Hotel room cancellation policy?
Cancellation Policy:
- Full refund of the whole amount for cancellations made 50 days prior to the arrival date.
- For cancellations made less than 50 days prior to arrival, the full booking amount will be charged.
- No refunds for reservations between December 23rd and January 8th.

When will I be charged?
To secure your booking, we kindly request a deposit of 25% of the total reservation amount. The deposit can be made via credit card (Visa, Master) or wire transfer to our Wise account.
The remaining 75% can be paid upon arrival, with a card payment (Visa or Mastercard), or in cash U$ or Costarican Colones.
Your reservation will be held for the next 24 hours. Should we not receive the payment or Credit-Card Authorization within this time frame, we will remove your reservation. By making the deposit, you are agreeing to our booking conditions and our cancellation policy, detailed below.
Please note it is the guest's responsibility to secure travel insurance. If travel is not possible for any reason, we advise taking appropriate precautions.

What kind of activities offer the hotel?
There are several activities we do recommend in the area. The most important are:
Horseback riding at the hills behind Playa Carillo
Turtle tour (depending on the season you might watch them nesting or hatching)
Dolphin Tour
Sunset - Catamaran - Tour
Tours to Monte Verde
Is it advisable to get a Costarican SimCard?
I strongly advise against getting a SIM card in Costa Rica, as the process is very complicated and time consuming. If you still want it, ask at the airport where you can buy the SIM cards and they will assist you in the process.We cannot help you in that and there is no operator assistance available on weekends. I recommend getting an eSIM before travelling to Costa Rica.
Does the Hotel offer parking?
We have 4 open parking spaces on the hotel ground which are publicly accesible. If full, we kindly request guests to utilize the side road to park, where three designated spaces are provided allowing access to a side entrance.
Is Samara a safe place?
In Samara, it is safe to take an evening stroll, or walk along the bech at night. However, as in any part of the world, it is important to be cautious and not leave belongings in the car or unattended on the beach. Taking basic precautions, such as safeguarding valuables while swimming, is advisable to ensure an enjoyable experience.
Exploring the rich mix of Costa Ricn wonders - from unique to extraordinary
Macaws in Costa Rica
Welcome to Costa Rica, a paradise for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts! One of the most spectacular sights you can experience here is the vibrant and majestic macaws (Aras). These large, colorful parrots are a true emblem of the tropical rainforest and offer a fascinating glimpse into the rich biodiversity of our country.
Interesting Facts about Macaws:
1. Species Diversity: Costa Rica is home to two main species of macaws – the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) and the Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus). Both species are known for their striking plumage and large size.
2. Habitat: Scarlet Macaws are commonly found in the lowland rainforests of the Pacific coast, while the Great Green Macaws inhabit the Caribbean lowlands. These birds prefer areas with tall trees where they can nest and find food.
3. Diet: Macaws primarily feed on fruits, nuts, seeds, and leaves. They have a strong beak that can crack open even the hardest nuts, making them vital to the ecosystem by helping to disperse seeds.
4. Lifespan and Social Behavior: Macaws are known for their long lifespan, often living up to 50 years or more in the wild. They are highly social birds, usually seen in pairs or small groups, and are known for their strong pair bonds.
5. Conservation Status: Both species face threats from habitat loss and the illegal pet trade. Conservation efforts are underway to protect these magnificent birds and their habitats. Organizations like the Macaw Recovery Network are actively working to ensure their survival.
6. Where to See Them: For a chance to see these beautiful birds in their natural habitat, consider visiting national parks such as Carara National Park or the Osa Peninsula. These areas offer guided tours that can enhance your bird-watching experience. If you are lucky you can see them, when they visit the Almond Trees in Playa Carillo , few kilometers far from our hotel. In Punta Islita you can visit the Macaw Recovery Network https://macawrecoverynetwork.org/visitor-tours This is about 45 minutes drive with the car.
We hope you enjoy your stay and take the opportunity to witness the beauty of Costa Rica's macaws. Their vibrant colors and lively presence are sure to leave a lasting impression on your visit.

Warm regards,
Hotel Entre Dos Aguas
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Facts about Volcanos in Costa Rica
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Dream beaches at the Costa Rican Pazific Coastline
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